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Concertina Wire

Sharda Wires is a well-known Concertina Wire Manufacturing Company in Muzaffarnagar, which is engaged in providing Concertina Wire in Muzaffarnagar. We are offering Concertina Wire at the best price in Muzaffarnagar. Concertina Wire is available for bulk supplying in Muzaffarnagar. We are committed to providing reliable Concertina Wire Installation Services at affordable prices in Muzaffarnagar.

Concertina Wire Manufacturers in Muzaffarnagar, Concertina Wire Supplier & Distributor in Muzaffarnagar, Concertina Wire at Best Price in Muzaffarnagar. Concertina Coils price at best rates in running feet from Sharda Wires – We are the leading Manufacturer and Supplier in Muzaffarnagar, We have the more powerful range of concertina wire fencing, for best price Call Sharda Wires. We are also supplying and exporting of Concertina Razor Wire with the latest specification as per the industry guidelines.

Concertina Wire is more often of Clipped Spiral Wire produced from Aluminium or Stainless steel raw material and manufactured in circular rolls coils which can be expanded with, characterized as an element of huge safety. Diameter starts from 300 millimetres up to 1050 mm. Sharda Wires is manufacturing Concertina Wire form past so many years with huge industry experiences under the industry nomes and as per the latest require specifications and supplying globally. We offer Concertina Razor Wire to our customers with different rage like RBT, RPBT, SRPBT and Concertina Coil etc.

Concertina Wire has many folded circles. Tie with two adjacent by clips, and a spiral concertina wire is created. Generally, the diameter of an opening circle would be 5-8-10% less than its original size which we have. Circles of spiral concertina wire cross each other, leaving no space for a person or middle-sized animals to move or cross easily.

Concertina Wire generally called as Concertina Wire Fencing and Concertina Razor Barbed Wire Fencing. Concertina Wire Fencing improves security level. Hence, it is widely used in boundary, of residential areas and commercial places, prison and institutional areas.

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