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Installation of Concertina Wire in a Private Area

June 10,2021

They are installing concertina decades in various places as a deterrent defense , and although almost always the concertina is installed in prisons or border crossings, now also carry concertina facilities in private developments .

After years of suffering robberies and assaults on houses and developments , citizens have proven vulnerable to any living situation of attempted intrusion into their homes.

There are many security features that can be installed around a community to prevent its passage , but our concertina, has several advantages over other security .

We are as a specialist in the manufacture and installation of concertina company offer a study in which the perimeter instead be installed concertina and later we will install on the perimeter.

What get installing concertina in our community ?
Prevent theft and robbery , because the concertina is characterized by an element of passive safety , which produces a psychological deterrent effect, in the person willing to violate the security zone established .

Features on installing concertina in urbanization
Other facilities at concertina, this features have been conducted in a residential area of India, Concertina installed on one of the side walls, which make up the brick wall that surrounds the entire perimeter .

In this case we chose to install concertina single line because the security level is low, between all possible combinations , this , the combination 1, can be considered the most suitable for residential places.